SUN-GEE Travel - A History of Smooth Riding

SUN-GEE Travel is a homegrown major transport operator in Singapore. With a steady and experienced management staff at the helm, the strong fleet of showcase vehicles and an excellent operations system, SUN-GEE remains the smart and reliable choice for various transport requirements. The Sun-Gee edge comes from technology which enables Sun-gee to be a forerunner in efficiency and accountability by improving consistently the areas of information collection communication and service.

Covering plenty of mileage from where we first started, the SUN-GEE staff is now composed of nearly 200 people. SUN-GEE has had its license from the Singapore Tourism Board since 1996 and is an active member of the National Association of Travel Agents of Singapore (NATAS). This model participation in the field of transport has increased our opportunities to prove ourselves capable to meet the demands of a world-class transport company.

SUN-GEE has a vehicle for every occasion and purpose. There are chauffeur-driven luxury cars like the well appointed Toyota Alphard and good choices like the Mercedes 13 seater Mini-bus for larger group needs. From a modest beginning of a single hired bus in 1995, our fleet has grown to more than 140 strong of top transportation brands such as King Long, Isuzu, Toyota and Mercedes Benz. We keep each vehicle well-maintained and the average age of our entire fleet is pegged comfortably below three years. The stringent standards we strive for in maintaining every vehicle in our fleet is a testament to the SUN-GEE commitment to earn the trust of valued clientele and inspire confidence in our service.

Our driving staff is proudly an integral part of SUN-GEE-s assets. Staff drivers are exceptionally well trained and skilled. The typical SUN-GEE drivers know that defensive driving is the key to safety and efficiency. Each of our driving staff is equipped with a basic English communication course. This enhances the SUN-GEE experience with lessened incidents of becoming lost in translation.

Aside from our driving staff, SUN-GEE has its own maintenance staff to keep vehicles at tip top shape. Thorough and regular in house maintenance checks keep our fleet at its best, eliminating unnecessary worry about technical delays due to neglect. We keep your safety and convenience at the top of our priorities and attend to our fleet accordingly.

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